1. Choose a Flavour

Vanilla | Chocolate | Red Velvet | Lemon | Banana | Matcha (Green Tea) | Strawberry | Coconut

2. Choose a Filling

  • Ganache - Dark, Milk or White Chocolate
  • Buttercream or Swiss Meringue Buttercream - Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, Nutella, Honeycomb, Salted Caramel, Toblerone, Snickers, Caramel, Chocolate etc.
  • Other - Marmalade, Lemon Curd, Caramel etc.

3. Choose a Frosting

  • Buttercream or Swiss Meringue Buttercream

4. Style Your Cupcake

Choose your decorations - chocolate drizzle, meringue kisses, chocolate shards, chocolate popping candy, caramel popcorn, pretzels, gold leaf, fresh fruit (seasonal) etc.

5. Choose a Size/Quantity

  • Regular Cupcakes - from $5.00 each (batches of 12)
  • Mini Cupcakes - from $2.80 each (batches of 24)

*Please note prices vary depending on flavours and decorations/packaging option

6. Choose a Packaging Option

  • Large Cupcakes - Individual boxes, boxes of 6 or boxes of 12
  • Mini Cupcakes - Packaged in boxes of 24

Caring For Your Cupcakes

All cupcakes are hand packaged in boxes of your choice
Please turn the air conditioner on and keep the box/boxes on a flat surface while transporting
Keep cool and refrigerated at all times - Avoid placing in direct sunlight
Cupcakes are best eaten within 24hrs of pick-up